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Introducing Invictus

Only 1.1cm (0.43”) thick. Completely breathable and lightweight. Ergonomically correct and flexible. An unequalled level of protection against impact and pressure in a thin layer. Possible with patented technology from D3O®: Intelligent, reactive molecules move together relative to pressure or impact and form a strategic barrier. Once pressure subsides, the protective layer returns to its soft, flexible state within split-seconds. A smart material for a smart solution.

The technology’s benefits in high impact situations are obvious and convincing: Impact forces are distributed better than ever in a material this thin. However, the benefits of the D3O® XT Mesh are relevant for horses in all disciplines and stages of training: The pad is is able to filter out the unwanted impulses coming from involuntary rider and saddle movements. With less confusing signals to deal with, the horse gains confidence, relaxes and allows the back to work and develop correctly within its own integrity.

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3 layers   3 Top Performers   1.1 cm Total
  • Top layer
  • Mid Layer
  • Bottom Layer
  • Top layer

    Bentex Performance Fabric.

    Tested and proven as THE fabric for non-slip,
    breathability, and durability.

    Bentex Perforance Fabric

  • Mid Layer

    D3O® XT Mesh.

    From the market leader in smart materials for impact protection, comes the technology that is at the heart of the Invictus pad.

    Globally patented and exclusive to the Invictus saddle pads, this material with Intelligent Molecules outperforms consistently any other material in direct text comparisons.

    The XT Mesh is certified to ASTM D2240-5 standards.

  • Bottom Layer

    3D Spacer Textile.

    Our spacer textile is made by Ball&Son Ltd., UK and contains a unique 'bounce back' technology, which ensures maximum elasticity and with that, consistent, reliable heat / moisture balance.

The compromise between protection and optimal saddlefit is a thing of the past.

Invictus - New technology for a new generation of protective saddlepads.

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