Pia de Gysser, Amateur Rider - Dressage

My horse is super sensitive to the fact that my pelvis is slightly rotated. He normally has a problem going to the left, especially cantering, and reacts with big protests, if he feels that my request is unfair. This means that he can’t tell what I want from the way I sit, together with the way the saddle moves on him. With the Invictus pad, all these problems go away. He will turn, canter to the left, and he will also give me a much larger range of movement. I can now use 6 gears in both the walk and the trot. He is calm and content. This has lifted our work to the next level, since my trainer would not allow us to move to more difficult lessons before my horse could do the basics the right way. Which was literally impossible before. The fact that the pad also reduces the bounce between us, makes my back feel better. I suffer from unaligned discs, which used to cause very bad pain. With the Invictus pad, this pain is reduced to almost nothing at all while riding.

Karen O’Connor, Coach, Five-time Olympian - Eventing

We’ve had very good success with this pad with horses with back issues.

Ulrika Stensson, Professional Trainer - Jumping

I have worked closely with the ergoX2 saddlefitting team for 1.5 years. When I first approached Maria at ergoX2 (Maria Hallring, Saddle Designer) I had a very sore back and my body was hurting. The horses had back issues and I had been looking for solutions for many years. I felt that only using the vet for back treatments to keep my horses going, was not a way forward. I needed to approach things from a different angle, learn more and adapt to the horses physical needs more effectively. I found that keeping the horses back sound was more about my training technique and well balanced, well fitting saddles. When the Invictus pad was first introduced to me, I was not convinced, that such a slim product could make any real difference. We had already at that point made so many changes and were already doing and feeling so much better. To my surprise, the Invictus material turned out to change everything once more. Today everyone in my stable - both riders and horses - can feel when the pad is not under the saddle. If I ride a saddle with foam panels without the pad, I hurt after 15 minutes and the horses show significant reluctance and irritation. The Invictus pad ads that last piece of the puzzle - riding without it is out of the question.

Gabriella Morell, Saddle Technician with Ergox2 of Sweden.

I see changes in every horse I put the Invictus pad on. The horses move better, are up in front, are moving to the bit and easier to ride. Most horses I meet are slightly asymmetric, which means that the saddle will move toward the spine on one side. This will normally cause horse and rider a lot of problems. In my daily work, I need to offer advice on how to correct a crooked horse and/or a crooked rider, to ensure the best result of the new saddle. With the Invictus pad this work becomes so much easier, since the bad vibrations and disturbances between horse and rider are reduced. The Invictus pad has become a must-have when I fit saddles.

Maria Hallring, Founder ergoX2 of Sweden.

As a saddledesigner- and fitter, I am always looking for the most effective solution to protect the horse and give the saddles more stability. When we found the Invictus pad, we were researching the effects of rider movement and asymmetry issues, to give the horse the most effective protection from all kinds of disturbance, and not just to fix fit issues. Recent research into equine backs has shown that a horse creates and controls movement with the part of the back that is directly under the rider. Even small disturbances ruin the horse’s ability to perfectly orchestrate the back, since they will make the small Multifidis muscles contract in the wrong order. Like a clock with the big and small hands move in the wrong order - the whole system just locks up. After researching the market, we found the Invictus pad with the highest protection of all available pads.

Berit Simolka, Bereiter - Dressage.

I have a young horse that is still growing and the back muscles are still developing. Since I use the Invictus pad, his topline is building up beautifully. My horse shows definitely more ’Schwung’ as well as willingness to stretch. He steps much better into the contact and I can feel clearly how the back comes up. With this came self carriage suddenly just by itself. This also reflects to my seat being a lot quieter. We are definitely on the right way with Invictus.

Louise Haaga, Competitor, Trainer - Jumping

I have used the same saddlefitting team for 15 years. We are constantly checking the horses and adapt to their changes as they move through their education from young horses up to Grand Prix. Our modern horses have so much power, but little tolerance for a saddle that they are not comfortable with. I can feel directly when they are not longer happy with the saddle, and I deal with that immediately. The Invictus pad was presented to me this winter and I started to use it on some of the most sensitive horses. After only a few days of use, I realised how much more comfortable myself and the horses were. The horses now jump clear rounds without the same signs of fatigue and tired backs. After an injury over 10 years ago, I have to deal with back pain on a daily basis. Using the Invictus pad adds relief to my back as well as the horses backs. The fact that it is slim and adds stability makes it useful under almost all saddles.

Carlos Nieto Benavides, Trainer, FEI Competitor - Dressage

I noticed that, using the Invictus pad, there is a definitiv improvement my horses back musculature. The backs feel more relaxed, both In the walk, as well as in the canter, whereby the contact and the overall quality was improved. Also, since I work with the pad, I see that the technical execution of the changes and the canter pirouettes have improved. As rider, I feel that is is easier for me to maintain a good seat and thus a good position on the horse.

Maxime Debost, Trainer, FEI Competitor - Eventing

The Invictus pad gives me a really great contact with my horse, at the same time having such a high degree of protection. Especially during cross country, where we deal with extreme impact, I am confident that my horses have the best protection.

Stefan Wolff, Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, Competitor, Clinician - Dressage

I like to use the Invictus pad with horses that come to me with little- or atrophied back muscles. The advantages, aside from the protection, are also the non-slip property, because by horses with undeveloped back muscles, the saddle and pads usually don’t stay put. Also good is the fact that it is so thin and doesn’t change the balance of the saddle.

Dana van Lierop - Stal Witte, FEI Competitor, YR Gold Medal 2015 - Dressage

My horse feels very happy with the Invictus saddle pad. The suspension and pressure release are outstanding.

Jeanette Chardon - FEI Competitor - Eventing

I would like to tell you my experience with the Invictus pad. Through Ida Verberne I had my first experience with Invictus. Ida asked me to use the pad during training of my horses. Because Ida always supports me with the good quality products of Dominick, I had high expectations of the pad. These expectations were absolutely justified. I’m an eventing rider and I use the pad in all the disciplines (dressage, jumping and cross country). My horses feel very good with the pad. The pad provides a great protection of the back of the horse. Because of the D3O® technology in the pad, the pressure will be optimally compensated. Even with normal and extreme pressure. I’m very excited about the Invictus pad and would recommend it to every rider to use it on their horses.

Miranka Schellekens - Coach Paralympic Team Japan

The Invictus pad is very thing. Comparing to other pads, the rider is close to the horse and get a better feeling of what is happening below the saddle. Because I train several Para Olympic riders in the lower grades, to riders with a large disability level, this is very important for us. The Invictus pad seems to be a fantastic pad for my kind of sport.

Eva de Man - Trainer and Competitor, Stal Panta Rei - Dressage

For years I’ve been using pads made by the well-known Dutch saddler Van Rijs. These are rather stiff and thick. Therefore it’s not easy to fit them correct under the saddle. Also it made that the pad was pulled too close to the withers and that you were more on top of your horse and missed a piece of contact/leverage?. The first time I tried the Invictus pad I was sold! The pad is much thinner and easy to adjust under the saddle. Because the middle piece is thinner the pad keeps his shape up and free from the withers. Because of the rough fabric the saddle stays in it’s place and doesn’t slip. Another advantage of the thinner pad (that still has a very good pressure release) is that you don’t sit on top of your horse but more “in” your horse. This way with small body language you can have more influence on the horse. After intensive training the pad is still dry, so it’s also good breathable.